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Tell us your best smoked meat story - some way in which something touched your life and left an enduring memory, while you and others were demolishing a smoked meat sandwich - perhaps a family event, or a quick snack at home, or you and your buddies out at Dunn's at 2 a.m.  . . .


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Alice Scheafer:

I am a Montrealer and relocated to Regina some 50 years ago and just miss the Saturday nite snacks at Dunn's Smoke Meat Deli. We would visit Dunn's after a movie or dance at the local Y on a Friday or Saturday night and always have a sandwich with a pickle, the boys on occasion would order two sandwiches. We have tried tried countless places here and none compare.

Jill Powell:


Last month my cousin from Montreal was coming to Regina for a 3-day visit. I thought it would be fun to have a pot luck supper here so she could see all our relatives in one evening. We didn't expect her to bring anything, but she called to say she would bring a large brisket of Montreal Smoked Meat. She asked me to have dill pickles and mustard on hand. Everyone else brought salads, appy's and desserts. There were about 22 people and we had a wonderful visit. Even my Dad who is 90 years old came from Yorkton to see everyone. We had a blast! We all enjoyed the meat so much, as many of us had never had the "real stuff" before . I am happy to know that I can now order it on line when I want it. Thanks.

Dena Gosewich:


My brother was part of the brain drain that graduated from university in Glasgow, Scotland, and emigrated to Canada in the 1950s. His first position was in Toronto but he was eventually transferred to Ottawa. In Toronto he had been embraced by many Glaswegian Jews, but in Ottawa he knew no one To have a Yiddish flavour in his life, he would go to Nate's Deli on Rideau Street, just to be able to say something "almost Yiddish", as in "may I have a smoked meat sandwich, please" ... then shortly after moving to Ottawa he met his wife and lived happily ever after.


Michael Katz: 


Smoked meat is in my bones.  My grandfather - we called him "Saba", in the Hebrew - ran a well-known butcher shop in Montreal from the thirties through the sixties.  It was on St.Viateur Street and it was called "Gottlieb's Kosher Meat Market".  He sold his own smoked meat - and hot dogs, smoked turkey, sweetbreads, and chicken livers and the fanciest cold-cuts ever seen in Montreal. He was a Master certified by the ancient Butchers' Guild in Berlin.


Sharp spice smells and customer chatter filled the big white store --- an absolutely novel idea in Montreal where butcher shops were painted dark greens or reds to hide the spattering; one astonished passerby said: "Why WHITE? It's not a drugstore!!" For the grandkids, it was an awesome place where the smells and chatter and sparkling counters told of community respect and stability. And it was also a place of excitement for us - every visit a great snack, followed by the comfort of solid family meals. And underlying it all - the gentle touch of Saba's massive hands ...


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